Saturday, December 20, 2008

Rapists are victims too


Thousands of the worst rapists and paedophiles can now seek to be taken off the sex offenders' register to protect their human rights.

In a landmark High Court ruling, judges said being on the register for life without any opportunity to challenge it breached an offender's rights.

Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 a sex offender sentenced to 30 months or more "shall be subjected for life" to the register's notification requirements, without any review.

Lord Justice Latham, Mr Justice Underhill and Mr Justice Flaux held the current registration scheme wrongly denied them the chance to prove in a review that they no longer posed a risk of reoffending.

They ruled it was incompatible with their Article 8 right to private and family life under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Once someone has committed a sexual offence then they are a sex offender - that can never be changed - why shouldn't that be noted somewhere for the entire life of that person? Once again, the "human-rights" of criminals is considered more important than the rights of the law-abiding.

And once again we have foreign laws determining what we can and can not do in our own country.


Malthebof said...

No surprise there really. The next step will be paedophiles claiming that it is a breach of their and children's rights to satisfy their sexual desires.
Once you allow all things to be relative, and no sense of right and wrong then everything is permitted.

William Gruff said...

Sex offenders are 'victims' because they are incurably ill and they are not responsible for their crimes, just as the criminally insane are not. The worst cases (such as the nastier rapists and paedophiles) should be detained for life, with no hope of release, in a special institution (where they can be protected from the sort of attacks they often suffer in prison) because they must always be a risk to society. They show signs from a very early age of eventually perpetrating nasty sexual crimes and once they commit a sex crime, even if a relatively mild one such as 'peeping' or 'flashing' they should be placed under close supervision in 'sheltered' accommodation.

The register was not established as a punishment; it is meant to ensure the safety of potential victims and removing those who manage to convince some easily deceived 'expert' that they they no longer pose a threat from it cannot but increase the risk to others.

All of the foregoing, of course, depends on a definition of 'sex offender' that is not written by the likes of Batty Hattie Harman, who is also suffering from an incurable mental illness.