Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Slow dawning realisation

From David Aaronovitch on The Times Online.

The rabbi, in death, tells us this. There isn't anything - whatever the explanatists say - we can concede to the zealots of Faridkot that will persuade such people, once radicalised, not to try to kill us.

OK, he qualifies it be saying "once radicalised", but he's starting to get the point. The point being that it is not the west's treatment of Moslems or Moslem lands that piss them off, it is the fact that the west exists at all.

Crucially he sees that concessions will do nothing to moderate their beliefs. You can not bargain with them, you can not compromise with them and in the absence of any effective method of detecting who is and isn't "radicalised" making it easier for them to spread their ideology is clearly a stupid thing to do.

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