Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Slow murder of a great British institution

In a lot of ways, the slow decline of the Royal Mail serves as a narrative for Britain itself. With a history going back to before Britain became Britain, the Royal Mail was, at one time, the model of a successful postal service which other nations looked at with envy and tried (and failed) to emulate.

And long before the over-used and over emphasised notion of "equality" was kidnapped by the progressive liberal left, the Royal Mail provided it by offering a universal service across the whole nation. No matter how remote, how cost-ineffective, the Royal Mail delivered to every home in Britain.

Now, with the service losing money hand over fist, a pension deficit bigger than some countries GDP and faced with competition which is not burdened with having to provide a universal service, the Royal Mail looks set to be broken up and sold off.

Of course, they won't sell off the parts that cost money to run - no one would buy them - so they'll be selling off the bits that do make money to be swallowed up by foreign firms. None of this should be necessary or even desirable.

When the Royal Mail worked, it worked for the sole reason that it had a monopoly. The monopoly was necessary for it to be able to offer the universal service. You see, "nationalisation" was not something new in the post war years. Even during a period when private enterprise blossomed and ruled, the Victorians understood that certain things were best provided as a state run monopoly and one of those was the Royal Mail.

Nothing has changed since that time - the best way to provide a universal service to all is still through a state run monopoly - but what has changed is our membership of the EU which insists that our postal service is opened up to competition from other EU member states - most of which do not play fair according to the EU rules while Britain, as usual, does.

And this is another reason why the Royal mail serves as a narrative for Britain too. Because, like the Royal Mail, Britain is slowly being murdered by our membership of this anti-democratic and insidious organisation.

As long as we remain in the EU the decline of our nation will continue unabated until it is eventually split up into constituent parts. Scotland and Wales may survive intact, England will not. Like the Royal Mail, it will be broken up and bits and pieces taken into foreign "ownership".

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