Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The west's betrayal of Israel

Whenever I watch, read or listen to anything on the mainstream media these days relating to Israel I almost always find myself becoming increasingly infuriated with the dreadful bias against that plucky and embattled nation.

I'm just so fed up with the soft sods that parade themselves on television decrying the "disproportionate" response of Israel to constant and unending provocation - the latest being some UN toady from UNRWA on the Channel 4 news this evening who was barely able to contain his indignation at Israel's behaviour.

The UN is supposed to be non-partisan, but this lowlife scum clearly favoured one particular side over the other as he moaned about the air strikes and lack of medical supplies being allowed in by Israel. He seemed to think that the UN should be investigating the Israeli's for "war crimes" - shame he doesn't think that the UN should investigate the Palestinian use of UNRWA as a front for their terrorist operations.

His message was clear. Israel has no right to defend itself. The Palestinians should be allowed to continue to lob their missiles into Israeli towns and villages and the Israelis should do nothing about it.

But why shouldn't they? Israel is a legitmate nation - much more so than the fake nation of bloody Pakistan in my opinion - and a UN member. The UN charter makes it clear that all member nations have the right to defend themselves from attack and Israel was under attack - day after day after day.

Unlike the Pally scum, Israel abides by the rules of war. It uses clearly marked equipment, ensures that its soldiers wear clearly identifiable uniforms and goes to great lengths to minimise civilian casualties. The Palestinian filth do none of these things - they deliberately target civilians, deliberately wear civilian clothing and deliberately mingle with civilians to maximise casualties to accentuate the propaganda value of their deaths - but what does the UN ever do about that?

Nothing. Not ever. Just gives them more support and more credibility.

None of this is ever mentioned by our media. They are complicit in this betrayal of Israel just like the UN. The really remarkable thing is that the UN was set up, in part, to support the Zionist cause of creating a homeland for Jews - and having achieved that it has spent the next sixty years trying to knock it down again.

Personally, I believe Israel is doomed. I don't expect it to be able to celebrate a 75th anniversary. When the horror of the holocaust became apparent towards the end of the Second World War the nations of the world recoiled at the sheer inhumanity of it all and declared "never again!"

Never again? Not soon enough for the United Nations.


Tractor Stats said...

Bush and Blair invaded Iraq and Afghanistan chasing terrorist who lobbed a couple of planes at the twin towers, now how is that different to the Israelis defending themselves. I see they are doing what any country would do if attacked, hit back.

Remember the TV pictures of the Palestinians dancing in the streets to the reports of 9/11. They've had years to make their case to the world and negotiate peacefully but all they have done is lob missiles, so now they can taste some of their own medicine only its going to be force fed to them in major overdoses. That'll wipe the smiles of their idiot faces.

North Northwester said...

It demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of the whole governing class.

Look at this wet blanket at The Telegraph:


How is he different from a Guardianista or BBC anti-semite, except his surname implies his ancestors cut meat up?

That's The Telegraph, mind you!

TheFatBigot said...

For decades I've been reading about the whole middle east hoo-hah and not once have I thought there might be a solution.

The simple fact, to my mind, is that there is no reasoning with suicide bombers and others who deliberately target civilians. What they do is so far beyond my comprehension that I find it impossible to condemn any retaliatory action.

If forced to take sides, it's easy. Israel (generally) seeks to live according to the standards I consider central to civilised existence. That they feel obliged to take extreme measures to protect their very existence does not undermine their position as the good guys because nothing they do sinks as low as those who seek to destroy them.

It's all very depressing.

Happy New Year Mr Stan.

Anonymous said...

I'm amused by you retards.