Friday, December 05, 2008

You can't hide your lying eyes

Excellent comment piece from Jeff Randall on The Telegraph today - the sort of thing we should be expecting from a small c conservative paper rather than the unmitigated progressive tosh it has been churning out all too regularly lately.

As Harriet Harman slithered on the thin ice of dissemblance, cracks in her conviction were palpable. Blinking furiously, she appeared as someone who would rather plunge into freezing waters of ridicule than succumb to truth.

Harman is, literally, a blinking liability. Her eyelids appear to be linked to the cogs that drive her clockwork brain and the more she tries to "think on her feet" the faster they flap.

Asked by Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight to affirm her confidence in Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, Miss Harman skated round an honest reply numerous times until falling over her own feet with a sullen confession: "I am not saying I have got full confidence in anything or anybody."

Join the club. When it comes to politicians, none of us have got any confidence in the shady bunch that supposedly represent us. On the whole they are a sorry lot - more interested in furthering their careers than furthering the interests of British people.

Randall's most telling phrase comes a little later.

It is as though there has been a conspiracy between disingenuous politicians, campaigners for political correctness and a malleable electorate to accept deliberate omissions and distortions as valid currencies of exchange for public discourse, while banning the gold standard of fact.

At many levels, we are being infantilised by a "progressive" agenda that would rather suppress inconvenient truths than confront reality. Worse still, both main parties are guilty of playing this cynical game: trying to steal advantage by burning integrity at the stake of expediency.

Hooray! Welcome back to reality Mr Randall - glad you could join those of us who cottoned on to this some years ago. And as you have noticed - it's the same on both sides of the house with all main parties pushing the same progressive agenda, Now that we've established that do you think we could stop pretending that things are going to change if and when Cameron's Conservatives come to power?

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