Wednesday, January 14, 2009


On the comments of another post, Old Greeny, a teacher, asks ....

"For instance, we are now required to teach "Community Cohesion" (whatever THAT is!).....I presume it's a case of....erm....treating ech other with respect? But what do I know? I teach maths...If someone knows how to teach "Community Cohesion" in maths, please let me know...."

Well, here's my answer Old Greeny.

1 language + 1 culture = 1 community
1000 communities + 1 shared history = 1 nation
1 nation + 10 new cultures + 50 new languages = 1 hell of a mess


North Northwester said...

And the only people allowed to do rocket science are Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah.

bernard said...

Very good, Stan

Old Greeny said...

Nice one, Stan....I shall raise it at my next "Communty Cohesion Conference"...I'm sure I'll be popular!