Thursday, January 08, 2009

Any excuse

As if they ever needed one?

The Gaza conflict has caused fury among British Muslims and could provoke extremism in this country, Muslim leaders have warned Gordon Brown.

Who'd have thought that? Personally, I don't think Moslems need much of a reason for getting all uppity - seeing how they've been behaving that way for 1300 years or so - but you can always rely on Moslem "leaders" to make the most of any grievance; real or imagined. The fact that they get plenty of encouragement to do so from the liberal left media probably has a lot to do with it.

Of course, any sensible Prime Minister would turn around to these so-called "leaders" and tell them that this is a dispute between Israel and Gazan Palestinians and nothing to do with Britain whatsoever. We don't supply arms to either side - but we do provide funding to Hamas through the EU and UN and various other agencies so why the fuck are these Moslems getting upset with us?

Of course it is all bullshit. Just another excuse to make more demands and extract more concessions from a lily-livered government who don't have the stomach to confront these extremists and their ideology. We should tell these leaders to go back to their people and tell them this ....

If there is any terrorist attack by Moslems in Britain then we will close down every mosque, Islamic school and Moslem shop that those terrorists have been known to frequent. We will impose restrictions on travel to and from Islamic nations known to harbour terrorists and we will deport anyone associated with terrorism.

That would do for starters.

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