Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's not called cultural marxism for nothing!

The ever excellent House of Dumb carries a snippet from Mark Steyn today.

If the non-political sphere is permanently left-of-center — the movies, the pop songs, the plays, the sitcoms, the newspapers plus the churches, schools and much else — it's simply unreasonable to expect people to walk into a polling booth every other November and vote conservative. The culture is where the issues get framed and the boundaries set.

Now I'm sure you all know that I like Mark Steyn and I'm not disagreeing with him, but surely he realises that that was the whole point of cultural marxism - to make the non-political sphere permanently left of centre?

In Britain and Europe we are way ahead of the USA in this respect. The USA still has right wing talk radio and TV stations while over on this side of the pond if you are not a fully paid up member of the liberal progressive elite you won't get a look in. That's why Radio 4 presenters can refer to the Labour Party as "we" in the run up to an election, but if someone dares to suggest that voters might want to consider voting Tory they find themselves fast tracked to the Labour Exchange.

The BBC is institutionally leftist and they don't even bother trying to hide it anymore. There is not even the slightest pretence at balance anymore - nor does there need to be as the Tory Party is fully signed up to the liberal progressive creed now.

You see, that was the point of cultural marxism - to dominate the non-political sphere until it was irredeemably left of centre and by so doing force the political sphere to the left of centre too. And that is where our politics now lies (and has actually done so for some time now). Cultural marxism succeeded in shifting our political centre ground much further to the left than it used to be and all the main political parties have shifted leftwards accordingly.

Oh, there may be some lip service to right wing politics from time to time - from all the parties - but there is no doubt that they are all culturally, socially and, for the most part, politically left of centre today.

The question is - can this ever be reversed? Well, I believe the pendulum has already begun too swing back again. I notice a growing trend amongst the young towards right wing, socially and culturally conservative view points - and they are adopting this view point despite the prevailing left wing culture to which they are subjected constantly.

They are the ones who are going to inherit the shitty mess that the liberal progressives will leave behind and no amount of propaganda and disinformation can hide the reality that is now starting to become obvious. They are the ones who are more than most being affected by violent crime. They are the ones who have come through the grindingly poor school system. They are the ones who are seeing their opportunities in their home country becoming more and more limited and they are not pleased by what has happened.

As I've said before - my generation inherited a precious jewel of a nation. The previous custodians had managed to steer it through some tough times relatively intact and handed the keys to us in the sixties. Did we look after it? Did we heck! We took every great institution and achievement and have systematically wrecked them and this great nation. The liberal progressives were the ones who led this, but make no mistake - we are all culpable; we allowed them to do this.

Now the next generation are preparing to take over and we're about to hand them a run down, disjointed, fractured and crumbling nation. I'm personally confident that they will set about restoring our nation (England that is - Britain is finished) to the way it was, but I'm also certain that their historians will record the time in which my generation managed this nation as one of the most disreputable episodes in its history.


Bob's Head Revisited said...

An excellent rant. Absolutely spot on.
It inspired me to add my own thoughts on the matter on my blog.

Anonymous said...

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