Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The new privileged class

Remember the class war? Does anyone remember what it was about? Something to do with removing privileges that a certain class of people enjoyed which the average person didn't, wasn't it?

Civil servants have clocked up £4.5 billion of extra pension entitlements in the past year, the Conservatives have revealed.

£4.5 billion in one year, eh? Certainly puts the "bail out" of the car industry into perspective doesn't it.

Total liabilities for the civil service pension scheme, which has more than half a million members, now stand at £119 billion, the equivalent of £4,700 for every household in the country.

Except, of course, that not every household in the country contributes to the pot. No, just us in the cash cow of the private sector who are being milked dry by a new breed of privileged classes - the public sector. No, public sector employees do not contribute to it at all - all their money comes from the private sector as all state cash does. If you take £20 off the church collection plate and put £5 back in you've not contributed.

I've stated before that the class structure in Britain never went away - it just changed - and we have a new breed of over-privileged people who enjoy benefits, concessions and opportunities which are denied to the rest of us.

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