Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tip of the iceberg

The appalling behaviour of Norwich housing boss, Kristine Reeves has earned her the sack.

A £52,000-a-year housing chief was sacked last night after an investigation by The Times found that she had shifted elderly people from their sheltered homes and moved into one with her boyfriend at a rent of £47 a week.

This dreadful woman kicked out the pensioners from their homes and then moved herself and other council cronies in on reduced rent. Clearly there is an obvious moral issue about this, but I seriously can not believe that it is not a criminal issue as well. After all, if Damian Green is being investigated for "misconduct in a public office" then surely Reeves is guilty of that at the very least?

The reason it should be the subject of a criminal investigation - and if found guilty, she should be punished with a long prison sentence - is that I personally believe that the revelation of Reeves behaviour and misuse of power is barely the tip of the tip of the iceberg of public sector employees milking the taxpayer for their own benefit - this tends to reinforce that view.

In this case there isn't the proof that these civil servants are doing anything illegal - although there are questions to be answered - but there is a massive moral question over their behaviour particularly when the taxpayers are being hammered by the credit crunch.

What on earth goes through the minds of these people like Reeves? Just one look at her tells you that she breathes left wing spite from every pore. Her behaviour highlights the true moral vacuum of the left - who like to pretend they are morally superior to the right wing. They are spiteful, hateful, vengeful and corrupt and need to be weeded out from our public sector institutions.

All our public sector is institutionally leftist and that is why - despite more and more people employed in the sector at ever higher wages with more and more power - our public sector is collapsing and failing.

There is a kind of irony in a nation so politically obsessed with "diversity", the one area of diversity we really need - in political opinion in our public sector - is missing.

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