Friday, February 13, 2009

Before you tell us how to live, check your own backyard

Doctors are calling for "airbag" jackets to be made compulsory for motorcyclists claiming it could save "dozens of lives".

Personally, I think these doctors should take a long hard at their own environments and at the thousands of lives that could be saved from hospital acquired infections if only they made clean hospitals compulsory.


Chalcedon said...

If it was down to the docs hospitals would be very clean. but it isn't. It's down to the NHS management in the PCT and hospitals. They contract it out to the lowest bidder. Lowest bidder employs immigrants on the minimum wage. They also use el cheapo detergents, very dilute ones too. It makes you cry to see this. Down to me, there would be a cleaning squad 24/7 shift covering only 3 wards, trained properly using quite harsh cleaning agents with lab follow up to ensure microbiological cleanliness. This would cost a lot. But no more or very few nosocomial infections. I have said this till I'm blue in the face. No-one wants to know. Cost is king and many trusts are in deficit.

bernard said...

These jackets would cost in excess of £200, and would have to be worn by the pillion passenger too. £400.
I nice little earner for those who have financial interests & shares in Gortex Clothing International.
Our safety? Nonsense.
Money and graft? You bet.

Tory Poppins said...

Hear bloody Hear!! Typical old crap!