Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Domino's effect

A branch of Domino's Pizza has decided to ban pork from its pizza menu and only offer Halal meat alternatives.

The takeaway has told customers in the mixed-race area of Hall Green, Birmingham, that if they want ham or pork on their pizza they will have to go elsewhere.

And if they don't want Halal to go elsewhere too presumably.

For meat to be deemed Halal, it must meet certain conditions. These include that the animal should be killed by having its throat cut by a Muslim and any flowing blood of the carcase should be completely drained.

Yes - how very humane. And did you notice that bit about the throat has to be slit by a Moslem? No discrimination there then. Mr. Jones, the out of work butcher from Walmington-on-sea, can't get a job in a Halal abbatoir and no Moslems are trained to do it - so they just have to employ immigrants don't they.

Masood Khawaja, President of the Halal Food Authority, said: "It's good news for Muslims, with changing pallets, who want a bit of variety in their diet. This is only the beginning and we are delighted that Domino's has participating in this trend."

Yeah - good news for Moslems and fuck the rest of us, eh. As he says "this is only the beginning" - the question is, where will it end?


JuliaM said...

"And if they don't want Halal to go elsewhere too presumably."

Or go veggie. It's the perfect trifecta of dogmatic intolerance!

JuliaM said...

And I see standards are slipping everywhere: "It's good news for Muslims, with changing pallets..."

Don't they have editors at the 'Torygraph' anymore..?

Stan said...

Lol - well spotted. Dunno if they still have editors at the Telegraph, but there is certainly a shortage of conservatives.