Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In denial

"It's not about foreign workers, it's about solving the issues".

This (or something very close to it) is what Derek Simpson of the Unite union said on BBC Breakfast this morning regarding the series of strikes that have plagued Britain over the last few days.

Simpson was keen to blame the BNP for making political capital out of this situation, but given his comments who could blame them or any of the members of his union who turn to the BNP? Being a fully paid up left winger, Simpson is more concerned about being politically correct and supporting the main strategies of global socialism - i.e. mass immigration, internationalism and corporatism - than he is in dealing with the issues of the members of the organisation he is paid to represent.

Let's get one thing straight here. The foreign workers who are at the centre of this row and the company that employs them have done nothing illegal. They have used the laws of our government - the European Union - to their own benefit and to the detriment of British workers and companies. That isn't their fault, but nor is it the fault of the men who are striking.

The fault lies with the EU and the various governments of Britain - Tory and Labour - who have signed away our sovereignty and control over our laws, borders and nation to an unelected body of bureaucrats for whom democracy is just an occasional annoyance (like when a nation's people reject their diktats in refereda).

The EU is the problem, but no major political party and no major union will admit that. They support our membership regardless of what harm it does to the livelihood of British people and British interests.

That's why halfwits like Simpson can't bring himself to articulate what the "issues" are on this matter. It is about foreign workers taking the jobs of British workers in Britain at the expense of British people.

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