Monday, February 16, 2009

Leftist BBC smearing conservatives

I was reading this BBC article - a puff piece for an upcoming Panorama programme full of the usual bull shit - when I came across this.

Sheikh Khalid Yassin, one of the stars of the preaching circuit, has lectured about his contempt for homosexuals saying:

"If you prefer the clothing of the Kaffirs [non-believers] other than the clothing of the Muslims - most of those names on most of that clothing is faggots, homosexuals and lesbians."

Another influential preacher, Abdurraheem Green, whose internet lectures receive hundreds of thousands of hits, preaches that "Islam is not compatible with democracy" and that to prevent a wife committing "evil" a husband has the right to "apply some type of physical force... a very light beating" - though he says this should not leave any marks.

Despite these conservative views the Metropolitan Police has sought Abdurraheem Green's advice recently.

And the preacher himself insists that in spite of his conservative views about life in Britain he is "part of the solution" to extremism because young people listen to him. (My emphasis)

It's not the fact that the Met. are using a hate preacher for advice - that's not at all surprising - it's the way the BBC refers to these opinions as "conservative views" twice in the space of two sentences and deliberately linking it to views about

The intention is obvious - to associate anti-democracy, homophobia and wife beating with "conservative". Yes, I know the BBC are not using the big C Conservative word and that they can defend the piece as editorially correct, but I reject the assumption that being in favour of wife beating is the least bit conservative.

I know it is quite deliberate. I am certain some liberal lefty editor has sneaked this in with every intention of defaming conservatism and I know that the BBC will not think they have done anything wrong- but it is wrong.

And it is another disgusting example of the institutional leftism that pervades the BBC.


Sue said...

They are low aren't they? They'll consort with homophobic's, women beaters and murderers.

Surely they know that the Labour Party don't stand a chance come next election!

Stan said...

Labour, Tory, Lib Dems - they're all the same to me. All liberal left "progressives" - an ironic term, seeing how they are all determined to cripple our economy to the extent on the basis of a pagan ritual of offering a sacrifice to appease Gaia (which is a long winded way of saying "green" taxation). Come the next election we'll have the same government - just different faces.