Thursday, February 26, 2009

Makes me sick

RBS announce a British record loss of £24 billion, 20,000 employees will lose their jobs and yet the boss who led them into this monumental disaster walks away with a knighthood and a £650,000 A YEAR pension for life - and he's only 50!

How can that be right?


bernard said...

Would YOU want to give it back if there's a chance of buying your way out of multicult Britain and retiring to a tropical island?
It could well be at the back of his mind.
I know I would.

Stan said...

I never suggested he should give it back, bernard - just that it isn't right. Would I give it back? I'd never have engineered such a position in the first place, but there is no way I could be comfortable taking that sort of sum for ruining countless peoples lives. I'd donate the vast bulk of it to charity and just retain enough to get by on.

dickiebo said...

'How can that be right?'
'Cos the bloody politicians say so. OK?