Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And they call this justice?

A heroin addict murders a baby boy and is sentenced to ten years in prison.

Cunningham, 23, was initially accused of murder, but a jury at the High Court in Glasgow returned a guilty verdict on the lesser charge of culpable homicide earlier this month.

Murder is what it was - the vagaries of the Scottish legal system might find some other name for it, but this lump of worthless scum murdered that child. There is no question of his guilt. There is no doubt about whether he did it or not - or indeed that the child endured immense suffering before he finally passed away.

Consultant paediatric surgeon Professor Robert Karachi, of Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, said the injury was consistent with a child receiving a “massive blow” and Brandon would have been in “severe pain” before he died. He had suffered up to 40 injuries, including bruises, scratches and four fractured ribs.

And the justice system decrees that ten years is sufficient punishment. Ten years of soft incarceration, three square meals a day, and better treatment than the child could ever have dreamed of - and the scum won't even serve ten years. Out in five. And no doubt he'll have access to all the drugs he wants while inside so he can rot his pathetic little mind still further.

He'll be out in five years and then we, the taxpayer, will be expected to pay for his keep, housing and drug habit.

As I said, there is no doubt that he did it - none whatsoever. And there is no doubt that other children are going to be killed in the same brutal way by the "boyfriends" of single mothers who care more about their own selfish needs more than they care about their kids - who, after all, are really nothing more than tools by which they obtain more benefits to which they feel they're "entitled".

And those who administer our justice system think the death penalty is barbaric? I think letting child killers off so lightly is barbaric. Even if you are against the death penalty, how can anyone think that a ten year prison sentence for depriving a child from his three score year and ten is sufficient punishment?

Anyone who kills someone under the age of 18 should receive an automatic life sentence of three score year and ten - 70 years in other words - with no possibility of parole. Better still - hang the bastards.

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