Friday, March 06, 2009


Mary Riddell in The Telegraph.

Critics wonder whether they can bear another 15 months of Brown. They should ask just how well they would fare without him. Voters will, soon enough, have their say on his fate. But if he had been ousted last year, or Mr Cameron had already been parachuted into No 10, it seems unlikely that a "novice" would have navigated disaster so surely.

Does she mean navigated us into disaster? Because that's where we are headed. Or is she seriously suggesting that Brown has steered us through the worst of this already?

I can't believe that someone as naive or stupid as this woman gets work in journalism.


bernard said...

If you read the article again you get the distinct impression it was started on the breakfast table, then, about two thirds in, the sentences get shorter and more disjointed - she's now on the train and she's late with her copy.
The Telegraph gave up being the Torygraph many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Mary Riddell should be sent back to the Graun.

denverthen said...

She's at it again today!