Tuesday, March 17, 2009


From The Times by Magnus Linklater.

Drink is the cause of nearly half of all violent incidents; in nearly a million assaults last year, the aggressors were believed to be drunk.

I expect the "cause" behind the violence was actually a disagreement of sorts - and as for the "aggressors believed to be drunk" - believed by whom and by what measure? Regardless of all that, the question remains that if almost half of violent incidents had drink as a factor that means that more than half of violent incidents involved sobriety.

So which is better - drinking or not drinking? Only one way to find out .......

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Lawson Narse said...

The "more than half" were caused by the government taking the piss out of sober people.

I'm the most amenable person when I'm pissed. Sober I notice when I'm having the piss ripped out of me.