Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Living within your means

If there is one thing which is apparent from the row over MP's expenses, it is that most of them appear to spend considerably more than they earn.

The salary for an MP is around £60,000, but we're supposed to believe that somehow these people spend more than twice that amount in "expenses". You can bet your bottom dollar that if I made expense claims that amounted to more than twice my salary my company would be asking a few awkward questions, but we're supposed to think nothing of MP's doing this?

One thing is certain - either MP's are absolutely crap at managing their budgets, in which case why on earth should we consider them fit people to manage the national economy - or they are money-grubbing bastards ripping off the taxpayer for all the cash they can, in which case they are defrauding the nation.

So - which is it? Useless at their job or corrupt fraudsters?

Either way they need to be sacked - every single one of them.

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