Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roll out the barrel

In a comment to my previous post, the Fat Bigot (excellent blog, by the way) seems to have a degree of sympathy for the Tory party with regards to not doing anything to upset the public sector. To be honest, he's right and I completely understand that point of view, but my point is that by doing so the Tories are abandoning the very people who actually support them and who they exist to represent.

The public sector has plenty of support and representation in political life. They have the Labour Party, the Lib Dems and various small parties such as the Greens and even the BNP who all openly support big government. They have multiple unions to organise and direct their grievances. They have the bulk of British media supporting their cause and only too willing to offer support and justification for the public sector.

The private sector has nothing and nobody. The large corporations do have leverage - substantial leverage - in so much as they can, if government does something which adversely affects their ability to do business, threaten to move elsewhere, but the vast majority of small businesses, self-employed and private sector employees have nothing.

We are not organised. We don't hold protest marches when government action slashes our pensions. We don't go on strike when they pick our pockets to feed the state machine. We don't picket government buildings when government policy leaves us without jobs - we just bend over the barrel like we're told to.

That is what the Tory party existed for; to provide political representation and a voice to the millions of individuals who make up the private sector. Now they cosy up to the public sector with their mates from Labour and Lib Dems. They go to great lengths to keep the public sector happy while telling us to shut up and get on the bloody barrel.

And they expect us to vote for them?

Bollocks to that. They've abandoned us - we should abandon them.

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