Monday, March 02, 2009

Social Services in need of complete reform

Following on from the Baby P case and countless other incidents comes this latest disaster from the Social Services.

A teenage sex offender who was placed by social services with a foster family went on to rape their two-year-old son and sexually assault their nine-year-old daughter.

The family weren't informed by Social Services that the boy had a history of abusing young children.

There has to come a point for a government when they have to say enough is enough. This is no longer just about the occasional mishap - this is the latest in a massive catalogue of systemic failures by Social Services up and down the country.

Social Services have enormous power which they seem to be increasingly happy to use on your average decent law-abiding family, but incredibly loathe to wield against the sort of low-life scum that they should be using it against.

This is caused, as I have mentioned before, by the fact that those employed in Social Services are almost entirely drawn from the progressive liberal political wing - particularly management - with the progressive liberal bias and bigotry against anyone they consider "normal" and incredible laxness and tolerance of anyone who falls into their various "victim" categories.

As long as Social Services remains in the grip of this progressive liberal orthodoxy then we will continue to see this sort of thing happen. To be fair, it is only because the consequences are often so disastrous in Social Services that we see the damage that the progressive liberal orthodoxy is capable of wreaking when left to its own devices, but the same can be equally said about a number of other government agencies and institutions.

The only option now is for a complete reform of all our government institutions to root out political imbalance and restore some sense and propriety to them. Social Services are in need of it more than any, but it should not end there. The criminal justice system is equally in need of complete reform as is the BBC.

Until that happens this sort of thing will only get worse and more common.

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