Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Stephen Pollard writing in The Times about Guido Fawkes and blogging.

So I am no starry-eyed fan of blogging per se. But I am evangelical about the benefits that it can bring - and I accept that the price of being able to print genuine exposés may be the freedom to print rubbish.

The MSM thrives on having the freedom to print rubbish.

That said, Pollard makes a serious point and one which I've been trying to push.

Guido Fawkes had 147,689 unique visitors last month. A big number for an independent website, yes; but small fry compared with the millions who, for instance, watch BBC News.

The real impact of a blog story happens only when it moves into the traditional media. Many stories emerge online about politicians; but they only affect their careers when a newspaper makes them part of the broader news agenda.

The point Pollard makes is that the MSM still controls what the vast majority of people get read or hear about - and my point is that the MSM is overwhelmingly leftist in its make-up. The BBC itself is institutionally leftist by its own admission, but it is far from being alone.

The right does not have such an outlet for its ideas and opinions - all we have is the blogosphere which relies entirely on someone coming to find specific content. The left don't have this problem - they are able to disseminate their world view through the MSM.

They don't even have to use news, current affairs or political discussion programmes or stories to push these views. They promote them through comedy, drama and even documentary. They quite happily use childrens television to push a leftist viewpoint about all manner of subjects thus indoctrinating the young at the earliest opportunity. They also dominate the schools, universities and colleges. Pushing a particular political doctrine on to children is supposed to be illegal, but that has never stopped the left doing so.

Not only do the left dominate these areas but they actively work to recruit only from the left into those areas. And if, somehow, someone of a right wing opinion manages to slip through the net and get into education or journalism, the left have a programme of indoctrination which they will be forced to go through to ensure their conversion or, at the very least, compliance (usually it goes under innocent sounding titles such as "diversity training" - but indoctrination is what it is).

It is this domination of the MSM and the establishment that allows progressive liberalism to maintain its iron grip on the political topology of Britain - but it only maintains that grip while the reality of the world view they push remains hidden from the electorate.

As soon as the reality starts to dawn on people - whether it be the reality of crime, education, immigration, economy or what have you - only then does that grip diminish. That is starting to happen now. The dreadful state of our education and high levels of crime are affecting the youth of Britain in particular and the next generation are showing signs that they do not like what is happening. The impacts of immigration hit the white working class far harder than they hit the metropolitan elite as it is their homes that are going, their streets that are being colonised and their kids that are finding it hard to find school places because the schools are full of immigrant children.

And now the economy is bust and the ordinary people of "Middle England" (a horrible phrase which is largely incorrect - in truth they are the real working classes) are starting to see that the leftist world view is nothing more than fantasy.

The bulwark against this pressure is the public sector and welfare state - the vast army of leftist state dependents - which is holding this thing together and prevent it from collapsing at the moment. But that can not last. The public sector and welfare state is and always has been unsustainable - especially for an economy which is not based on manufacturing.

I've no doubt that the left wing domination of Britain is coming to an end, but my big concern is that it will not end peacefully. Because the left has fought so hard to deceive the electorate and hide the reality which is now becoming impossible to deny I fear that the resulting anger may boil over into hatred and vengeance - with all that entails. I hope it isn't the case. I hope that traditional British stoicism, reservation and preference for quiet revolutions rather than violent confrontation means we can move back to a conservative world view and allow us to recapture that traditional British nationalism and centre right social conservatism that was our hallmark for so long.

That's what I hope for, but I have serious doubts.

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