Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How you know the liberals know they got it wrong

Not that they'd ever admit that they screwed up when they started the liberal progressive experiment in Britain some fifty years ago. Far from it - they apply all sorts of spin and deceit to various statistics which would otherwise demonstrate the total failure of their policies.

Where Britain used to be near the top of the world league tables - in education, industry, health - we're now way down in the relegation zone. Where we used to be bottom - in sexually transmitted disease, recorded crime, murders, divorce, teenage pregnancies, family breakup - we now vying for the top spot.

By virtually every significant measure, Britain has slipped further and further back over the last 50 years - but still the progressives cling on to power even when they know they are a busted flush. How do I know they know this?

Through their education policy - particularly the introduction of compulsory PSHE (personal, social, health and economic) education.

The truth is that these things were learned as part and parcel of growing up in pre-progressive times, but decades of liberal progressivism has wrought family and societal breakdown on our kids to such an extent that they now need to be taught by someone how to behave. Why else would it be necessary to teach kids to "resist gang culture" if the failure of liberal progressivism had not allowed gang culture to flourish? Why would children need to be taught about the dangers of illegal drugs if illegal drugs were not so readily available and their use implicitly approved? Why would they need to be taught about relationships if the message on relationships was not so confused and incoherent?

Nothing reveals the failure of the liberal progressive experiment more than what they believe they need to teach our children. The rise of PSHE education in schools today is their admission that they have completely and utterly wrecked society.


Letters From A Tory said...

Good spot. For schools to have to teach 5-year-olds about relationships tells you that something is badly wrong with these children thanks to their families.

Daniel1979 said...

Yep, the town I grew up in long ago about 15 (or more) years ago went Liberal at the council and with the MP (Dr Evan Harris) - then I find myself posting this the below this morning and thinking pretty much what you have written.


It's not just where I grew up. The progressive project has failed and it is eroding the fabric of society around us all.

phantom menace said...

I wouldnt say it was the liberals...certainly the government, but I don't think its the liberal part of uk society making the mess, the liberals are one of the few factions I still trust...Its the conservative and labour box tickers that worry me.... Who will smile and pretend to be listening and then do exactly what they want anyway...THAT is what worries me...but that is just my opinion...either way I like you blog...its interesting..

Stan said...

When I say "liberals" I refer to the liberal progressives - not traditional conventional liberals (which I consider myself to be - at least in part).

Personally, I think it's a bit of a shame that the progressives have hijacked the term liberal for their agenda when they are usually anything but liberal - but that's the way it is today. Probably a carry over from the US where "liberal" has traditionally meant democrat and therefore leftist.