Thursday, April 09, 2009

I hate it when I'm right

But all those "free trade", globalisation supporters still don't get it.

"While steel production is declining all over the world to reduce over-capacity, it is still going up in China. This puts pressure on world markets," he said. The EU steel industry employs 440,000 workers. China's steel exports to the EU were 1.6m tonnes in 2005, 5.6m in 2006, 11.5m in 2007 and almost certainly higher in 2008.

You see, China is just taking advantage of the opportunity the free trade fools have given them. They can make steel cheaper than they can in the EU. With this downturn they are taking the opportunity to increase their market share - just like any western company would. Don't moan about it - that is what you wanted!

Why are they so upset?


Chalcedon said...

Not what I wanted. I'm sure the EU will put tariffs on to make it less cheap to buy. Buying cheap Chinese steel is akin to exporting our jobs to China. I'm agin it. If it means protectionism, so be it. Stuff the WTO.

Stan said...

Glad to hear it, Chalcedon - protectionism, like nationalism, gets a lot of bad press and almost all of it is undeserved.