Thursday, April 16, 2009

Now what?

So Damian Green has been cleared of charges following the very high profile invasion of his office in the House of Commons by police acting on a tip off from the Labour Party.

Not only that, but the "mole" behind the leaks has also had charges dropped.

There are some very serious questions to be asked and answered by the pathetic Home Secretary and her boss. They may not have broken any laws, but they have certainly breached a code of practice and this calls into question many aspects of Parliament and the impartiality of the police.

Surely Jacqui Smith cannot be allowed to remain in her position?

Who knows. In times gone by an MP as inept as Ms Smith would never have attained one of the most senior posts in government - and even if they had done, they would have done the honourable thing and resigned a long time ago.

Things have got to change.

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