Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Save the sparrows and smoke a fag!

I'm sorry - I know this could have been tragic, but it did make me laugh.

Initial investigations found no gas or electrical faults but 35 cigarette ends were eventually found in various sparrow nests in the eaves of the roof.

So now we know why the sparrow population is declining - the reduction in the number of people smoking means there are not enough fag ends in the street for their nests.

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Macheath said...

Applying govermnent methods of statistical analysis, we can now conclude that the decline in the number of sparrows is due to smoking-related causes.

Gordon Brown will today announce the allocation of funds to roll out a government initiative aimed at reducing smoking among sparrows, complete with 'avian tobacco liaison officers'.

If they time it right, it might even take our minds off the budget.