Thursday, April 02, 2009

Theft by finding?

Over the years as an adult I have found a range of things which I've handed in at police stations - they include wallets, purses and even cars (OK, I didn't "hand" the cars in, but I informed the police and they informed the insurance company). Never - not once - have I been arrested for "theft by finding" - nor would I expect to be.

A college student who found a mobile phone while out celebrating his 18th birthday was arrested after handing it in to police.

Teenager Paul Leicester was arrested for 'theft by finding' and detained for four hours.

What on earth are the police up to these days? Have they completely lost the plot? Who, having heard about this, is going to take something they have found to the police station?

And the police wonder why the public are losing faith in them!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad now that I kept that purse I fond now.

dickiebo said...

"...are losing faith in them.."
No, no, no! HAVE lost faith in them!

bernard said...

I'd take this story with a pinch of salt myself, however.....
I remember a school friend (circa 1950s) taking in a purse with a few bob in it, to a police station. He went back a a few weeks later to see if it had been claimed, and was told no, and that he might as well keep it. He was surprised to find it was empty, but could'nt prove it once had some money in it.
Some thing don't change I fear.