Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Useless police

It seems the two young child thugs who nearly killed a pair of children in Yorkshire had form and were well known to the police.

Police are looking into reports of at least five other incidents involving two similar aged boys in the Edlington area of Doncaster in recent weeks, The Daily Telegraph understands.

Worse still, the week previously they had attacked another child in similar circumstances - but escaped punishment by simply not bothering to turn up for an interview with the police!

Callam Reynolds feared he was “going to die” after he was lured to the same spot where the boys were left for dead a week later.

He was punched, kicked and stamped on by two youngsters who allegedly told him exactly how they would kill him. But when detectives were due to question two brothers over the beating the pair failed to show.

Failed to show? So a child gets attacked, beaten and threatened with murder and the police response is to invite the perps round for a cup of tea and a chocolate digestive? Still, the police know all about failing to show - something they are pretty good at themselves.

I'm afraid the situation with the police is worse than we thought. They are useless. It's only through sheer luck that we're not talking about two deaths rather than just an assault - the trouble is, for far too many people, their luck runs out.


Letters From A Tory said...

Glad to see the police take their job so seriously.

One wonders what the parents did to these children to make them turn out like that.

Stan said...

Whatever it was, you can bet it wasn't teaching them about responsibility. Another report said the boy's mother said something like "nowt to do with me".

Anonymous said...

"nowt to do with me".
Community needs to step up. I'm a Londoner with god knows how many more police but we know that there are so many other accountable individuals and organisations than a few police esspeciaally as far as kids go.
Another case of soft target targeted. Get real stanley

Stan said...

Get real about what? I agree that the community needs to take a bigger role in law and order - but that is increasingly difficult as anyone who dares to do so usually ends up arrested by the police and told you can't take the law into your own hands! Funny that - I thought the police are the public and the public are the police!

I also agree that community should be about looking after one another - but a generation of multiculturalism and fifty years of welfarism have put paid to that notion too. Communities that were once cohesive and independent are not fractured and addicted to dependency.

And this still doesn't excuse the fact that the police FAILED to act when that first young boy was beaten and kicked and the result of that failure was that another two boys almost lost their lives.

Anonymous said...

Stan, i agree with most of what your saying. The police did fail to act, but another problem with the society/community you spoke about is the ease of the blame culture. The police are few in number and do not have crystal balls and hindsight. I refuse to invest all my faith in one body of people as the answer to society problems, think it through it is madness. It is a shared problem that all the while it doesnt reach the pockets of the community inhabited by the moneymen the problem is not there. Switch on BBC news and look what rabble the old bill have got to look after outside parliament today

Stan said...

I see what you are saying, Anon - but I don't place my faith in the police to solve all the problems - or indeed, any other single body of people. It's been the theme of my blog virtually from day one that we need to break out of this vicious cycle of dependency.

One of my slogans is that dependency breeds dependents - and a nation that is dependent leads to a dependent people. That is a feature of liberal progressivism (cultural Marxism, Gramscism - call it what you like). The people are dependent on the state, the state is dependent on other states, and those states are dependent on a global governance. Hey presto - world domination!

That's why I'm a nationalist. An independent nation - as self-sufficient as possible - makes for a confident and self-sufficient people. Independence breeds individual responsibility. Nationalism (along with its twin brother - localism) creates the cultural identity under which that individual responsibility coalesces into a community. Responsible individuals results in communities which take responsibilty - nationalism and localism empowers them to do so. Where there is a need, the community fills it. It needs a school - it builds a school. It needs a hospital - it builds a hospital. Where it needs law and order - it builds law and order.

This doesn't happen in dependent cultures. Where there is a need they wait for someone else to fill it. They need a hospital - that's someone elses job. They need law and order - that's someone elses job.

Even then it's not as simple or as straightforward as just restoring nationalism. There is the whole liberal progressive culture to overcome.

It is a truly mammoth task, but not unachievable. One thing is certain, though - the starting point has to be national independence and that means nationalism.

dickiebo said...

Stan; I firmly believe that, unfortunately, you are 100% accurate.