Thursday, May 14, 2009

Criminals aren't victims

Trafficking survivors are not 'illegal immigrants' says Heather Harvey on The Grauniad.

Oh yes they are, says Stan. You've got to admire the sheer cheek of the liberal elite who threw open our borders to all and sundry then feign shock and disgust when unscrupulous organised gangs of foreign criminals take advantage of that to make a bit of cash.

It might not be right in every respect (which I'll come back to shortly) but this is a major and important report from Keith Vaz.

Actually, it's wrong in virtually every respect - as you'd expect from some one with the moral probity of Keith Vaz.

These include officials' insistence on viewing trafficking through an immigration lens, the creation of a flawed identification system that is dominated by the police and immigration authorities while keeping NGOs and other specialists at arm's length.

Who'd have thought we'd resort to using the proper instruments of the state for dealing with illegal activity and immigration rather than self-appointed and self-declared "specialists"? What next? Maybe we ought to let the RAC decide how to deal with motoring offenders.

Harvey's intention - and probably that of the loathsome Vaz - is to portray illegal immigrants as "victims" of crime, but these people are victims through their own choosing not because of circumstance. It's the same principle that we apply to drug users who choose to wreck their lives through their choice to do something illegal.

They aren't victims - they are criminals and the only correct thing to do is treat them as such.

Of course, all this ignores the one simple fact that if we maintained control of our borders and actually made a real effort to determine who is and is not allowed into this country then none of this would matter - there wouldn't be trafficking on any significant scale.

As with the drugs issue, the liberals are attempting to tackle the supply rather than the demand. It won't work - as soon as you close down one supplier another will take it's place. As long as there is a demand there will be supply. The correct thing to do is kill the demand and that means ending the reason why people come here - the ease of access and the generous benefits system.

I agree with Harvey that trafficking is a form of slavery, but it's entirely thanks to the likes of her and the rest of the liberal elite that we have a renewed form of slavery sweeping the world. The best thing she could do to stop is shut up, fuck off and leave us conservatives to deal with it.

Hey, it worked in the 19th century.

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