Friday, May 08, 2009

Major's lament

Over on The Telegraph comment section there is an article by ex-PM, John Major, with the tagline (in quotes) that "Britain must be put first".

John Major on Gordon Brown: 'Britain must be put first'

I've read and re-read the article several times - even run a "find" on it - and can't find that phrase anywhere in the entire piece. Not only that, I can't even find a mention of "Britain"!

What I did find were a series of comments by Major seeking to defend his record and that of his government. My personal view of Major is that he was quite probably the worst Prime Minister we have ever had - until Tony Blair .... and Gordon Brown.

As I think he was the worst Conservative PM, it's hardly surprising that I also think he was the worst leader of the Conservative Party we've ever had. Indeed, it was under Major that the slow decline of the Tory party into social liberalism gathered pace. If you want a clue as to why this happened, then this line might help .....

Indeed, on the morrow of the 1992 election victory, Chris Patten and I speculated on the unlikelihood of a fifth win.

Jesus Christ - his party had just secured a fourth consecutive term and he'd already given up any hope of winning the next election! Could you imagine Thatcher being so defeatist?

I actually opened the article looking forward to hearing someone say (at last) that the British government ought to put the interests of the British nation and British people before any others. I was, admittedly, surprised that it should be Major who was to say it, but I didn't really care who it was as long as someone prominent said it.

What a let down. Get back to the cricket, Major - it's all you were ever really cut out for.


bernard said...

It's difficult to think of John Major with out thinking of Spitting Image and that dreary grey man eating peas at the dinner table with his wife.
He was a truly awful PM.

Anonymous said...

I am too young to remember any other PMs than Major, Blair and Brown.
Major comes out rather well in this perspective.
Seems like a golden age now in comparison.