Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meanwhile, the real fraud goes on

OK, it's out now. The Lib Dems are having their day in the sun and the MP expenses furore has, if nothing else, been seen to be completely non-partisan. All three major parties are on the fiddle.

And this will make a difference .... how, exactly?

Tory voters will continue to vote Tory, Labour voters will continue to vote Labour and Lib Dem voters will continue to waver around depending on which way the wind blows - but will ultimately vote for one of the big three - or the Greens if they are feeling particularly pious and self-flagellating.

The honorable members will show some contrition, pay back some of the cash and then set about finding other ways to fund their lifestyles at taxpayers expense. Essentially, absolutely nothing will change - except, maybe, a fresh crop of people will be added to the growing number who don't vote anymore because "it doesn't make any difference".

Meanwhile, the real fraud will continue. The ongoing con-trick that has been perpetrated by the ruling elite on the people of Great Britain for more than thirty years - membership of the undemocratic, anti-British and unremittingly socialist European Union.

The House of Commons will continue to pretend that they are our lawmakers when they know full well that they do nothing more than rubber stamp 75% of our law which originates from the EU (and much of what doesn't is the precursor to something that will).

They'll continue to deceive us by claiming that we have some influence over this when they know damn well that in a lot of cases - and in an increasing number of areas - we don't. Our opt outs and vetos are being eroded one after the other.

They'll carry on insisting that the EU is democratic using the EU parliament as an example when they know damn well that the EU parliament is a mere fig leaf and that the laws themselves are drafted in secret by unelected and unaccountable appointees and bureaucrats.

Gordon Brown will pretend that he has the interests of "British jobs" and "British workers" when the reality is that he is incapable - thanks to the EU - of doing so.

David Cameron will persist in his claims to repatriate areas of sovereignty which he knows only too well it is impossible to do without withdrawal or wholesale renegotiation of previously ratified treaties which has never ever been done by anyone at any time - despite several attempts. All that happens is a new treaty comes out where even more sovereignty is swallowed up!

Nick Clegg will continue to ..... well, look like an overgrown schoolboy completely out of his depth.

Nothing that has happened over the past few weeks will alter the basic fact that we are being systematically defrauded by our politicians and have been for more than thirty years. Tebbit might have a whinge about it, but he's s culpable as the rest.

It's cost us our industry, control of our borders and laws, our pride and billions of pounds every single year. Now that is worth talking about - isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I think you're right to a large extent, Stan. But I think we all might get a surprise at how many votes the BNP get on June 4th due to protest votes.

I'm going to be scrutinizing the news from now on to see just what effort the MPs and the media go to to try and smear the BNP. I'm sure we'll all be hearing the "right-wing" label a lot from now on. Funny how we never hear any mention of "left-wing extremism."


Stan said...

I'm sure there will be a considerable protest vote, but the EU elections are largely irrelevant, Lawrence.

What interests me is how the MSM and mainstream parties respond if the BNP do win seats and lots of votes. My hope is that they would start to address the problems which are causing people to vote BNP. My expectation is that they'll use more authoritarianism and smear tactics to either shut them up or shout them down.

The "right wing" label always being applied to extremists always annoys me - same with the use of the term "conservative" to label Islamic fundamentalist or authoritarian states.

It is, of course, quite deliberate - the aim being to associate the terms "right wing" and "conservative" with soomething bad.