Saturday, May 02, 2009

This scum should hang

The piece of filth responsible for murdering Baby P has now been found guilty of raping the two year old daughter of his "girlfriend".

The 32-year-old targeted his powerless victim in 2007, the same year that he subjected Baby P to months of abuse which ultimately led to the little boy's death.

And yet, we're not even allowed to know the name of the depraved, low-life sicko.

The identity of his abuser – and Peter's mother who admitted causing or allowing her son's death – can still not be disclosed.

This is exactly why we need the death penalty. Instead, he'll be housed in comfort, given protection, three good meals a day, access to entertainment and activities and will mix with people like himself so they can swap stories and, probably, sick porn.

In thirty years time - or less - he'll be quietly released, given a home and a new identity and looked after better than most old-aged pensioners who have never committed a crime.

That's a scandal.


assaasasdsdsda said...

Normally don't agree with the death penalty, but this is an exception.

Someone once said hanging's too good save a rabbit and perform experiments on these people without an anaesthetic. The rabbit is obviously of more value to humanity than the likes of this filth.

BTW google "baby p people you'll see in hell" named. shamed and ultimate fate described?!?

Anonymous said...

Agree completely with you on this one.
Better the death penalty is used for such de-humanised dross, than by the EU for rioters and dissenters'

revinkevin said...

Hanging is to quick he should be tortured and his every living second on earth should be make a living hell.

JuliaM said...

We need the likes of Judge Charles Graddick in this country...

Anonymous said...

Thirty years' time?


Life, meaning fifteen years, time off for good behaviour, counselling, automatic parole, etc etc.

He'll be back on the streets in eleven years, tops. Unless something changes.