Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why do we keep falling for the same old lie?

It's incredible. It's been thirty six years since we joined the EU - or the Common Market as it was then. Since then we've had a succession of Prime Ministers - Heath, Wilson, Callaghan, Thatcher, Major, Blair and Brown - and a number of party leaders - Foot, Smith, Steel, Owen, Jenkins, Williams, Ashdown, Kennedy, Campbell, Clegg, Hague, Duncan-Smith, Howard - all telling us that we can change the EU better from inside.

And not one of them ever has.

Nobody - ever - has changed the EU in any way that it did not want to change.

Now I hear Cameron make one speech full of empty promises which he knows he can not keep and we're all falling for the same old lie. Return power from Brussels to Britain! Yeah - like that has EVER happened before. Thatcher tried - Thatcher failed. All she managed to achieve was a minor rebate on our expenses as a concession for giving away even more of our sovereignty - and that concession was time limited and eventually given up by Blair.

And yet I still hear what I would normally consider to be reasonably sensible, rational conservatives saying that Cameron can change the EU!

How many times are you people going to fall for this garbage?

The objective of the EU is to achieve political union into a single EU state. For the first 30 years they didn't actually admit that, but for the last five years or so it has been more or less openly admitted.

It will not be stopped. It will not turn back. It will not change.

Come on conservatives of Britain - WAKE UP!!!!


Sue said...

It's the politicians that don't get the message. Why do you think everyone is voting UKIP or BNP?

They want out!

Stan said...

Well,there's no evidence yet that they are - and even if they do it's only for the elections to the EU parliament where our MEPs are, basically,ineffectual and rather pointless.

I'm just amazed that intelligent people still believe this claptrap from Cameron without ever asking the one simple question. Cameron says he'll bring back power from the EU to Britain - why doesn't anyone ask him how?

Tory Poppins said...

I agree with Sue. It's actually intelligent people who are planning on voting UKIP or BNP. Some may think it's ineffectual and pointless, but it's the only voice that people have since they've been continually denied the referendums that were promised by Labour.

I also think that the more people who vote for these parties in the European elections, then the more chance they have of gaining momentum in the UK.

I do agree however that Cameron and the Tories are weak on Europe - but nobody is doing anything about. Hence my previous point. If people ignore this - the likes of the BNP and UKIP will gain power.

Stan said...

I'll believe that when it happens in a General Election, TP. UKIP won a significant proportion of the vote at the last EU elections, but made no impact whatsoever at the subsequent General Election.

My point is that there are millions of Conservative voters out there who want us out of the EU but are going to be fooled by this same old lie again.

They actually believe Cameron can "change" the EU and restore power back from Brussels to Britain even though it has never ever happened before despite the efforts of people considerably more able than Cameron.

bernard said...

Cameron is a baby-faced booby. He-knows-that-we-know-that-he-knows he is blowing it out of his anus.
Stan is wrong in thinking that intelligent people believe him. They don't. It is why a Cameron speech is so pathetically simplistic and child-like...he is appealing to pensioners/OAPs; the aged and infirm; those with long-term memory loss (ie Tory voters) and dementia sufferers.
As you are aware, this is roughly 60% of the UK population.
So in one way he's on to a winner if they all nod in agreement and vote for him.