Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Are the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems racist?

I seem to be posting a lot about the BNP these days. Believe me, I find it a little tiresome, but I find the "BNP are racist" argument even more so. The excellent blog Letters From A Tory links to yet another tirade against the BNP from Matt Wardman.

It's the usual thing - the BNP won't allow non-whites to join so they must be racist. The point being made though is that the BNP use the existence of various groups set up to promote and defend the interests of various ethnic minority groups as justification for their own policy.

I've left a comment on the post, so I'll just repost that comment here.


I’ll be honest - I’m a little tired of the “BNP is racist” argument and numerous people trying, thought various different means, to prove their already held view that the BNP are indeed racist.
Nobody seems to be addressing the fundamental point that the BNP make, though - the lack of any organisation specifically set up to defend the interests of white people. As they clearly point out - and as we all know - there are numerous groups set up specifically to promote and defend the interests, culture and traditions of various ethnic minorities. Some of these are even funded out of taxpayers money - BBC Asian Network for example.

The point is, why is it OK to have these sort of groups specifically for certain ethnic groups, but not for white people? Te question is not “are these groups racist?” - it should be “isn’t it racist to allow these groups this right but exclude whites from the same right?”

That is undeniably racist - and it is the policy of this government, the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the Lib Dems. Therefore, by definition, each of those parties is also racist.
So there you go. Every political party in the country is racist - the BNP are no different, except they are racist in favour of the one group who are now allowed to have someone represent their interests.

Has this got us anywhere? No - of course not. The problems which the BNP exploit are well known and stem from two policies pursued by mainstream parties - namely multiculturalism and mass immigration. At no point were the people of Britain consulted on these policies. They have never been openly discussed or debated about either in parliament or with the electorate. They have been foisted upon us by Labour and Tory governments. We were not asked if we want “multiculturalism” - we were told we have to be multicultural. Please note that multicultural is not the same as multiracial.

I don’t care if the BNP are racist - all the other parties are as well. So what? What worries me is that nobody is working to address the issues which allow the BNP to make their rather clumsy points.


My point is that the BNP may well be racist - but they are not the ones who allow black and Asian people to have groups specifically set up to support, promote and defend their interests and culture while specifically excluding white people the same right.

That is the policy of all the mainstream parties - to deny a right to white people that they allow for other racial groups. That is racist - and that is the policy of the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem parties. They are, therefore, every bit as racist as the BNP.


TheFatBigot said...

I disagree in one respect, Mr Stan. I don't think it's really a matter of race, I believe it's all to do with pigmentation.

There are numerous races lumped together as "black" and numerous races lumped together as "asian". Only very occasionally do we find specifically racial groups formed and they always seem to be formed from the bottom up by people of the particular race in order to promote and protect cultural practices rather than to promote their race as such.

The only thing common to all those labelled "black" is their dark pigmentation, it is not race.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it that way.How right you are.Now look at Ireland my concern is will it come to the mainland.I think it will.People are at their limit and no one is listening except the BNP.Again we have more revelations about our MP's,and they think they are above the BNP.Sorry not in my book theyre not.Theyre a shower of thieves,liars and greedy scammers.All three parties.I believe they are glad the BNP got 2 seats.It took the heat off them.Reading what you pointed out i believe you are 100% right.They are as racist as anyone else.The problem being we are so politically correct we have to watch what we say for fear of making a racist comment.We dont have our own white community centres etc.Maybe its time that we played the race card and got things changed.We would probably get egged for our efforts.The whole system needs shaking up.

dickiebo said...

Very well put, RS!

bernard said...


I think you also miss the point.

It's not just in the UK that black & coloured people are encouraged to promote their own ethnicity, it goes right across Europe and the USA as well.
The answer as to why, is more prosaic. Current 'liberal' thinking is that the Caucasian/Western civilisation success story is to be vilified, and that we somehow 'owe' them a debt for their own failure to have made any significant progress over the centuries.
The Liberals want to change that old adage: 'History is written by the Victors', and reverse it.
At worst it is gutless, and if I was a black/coloured man I find that, at best, supremely patronising.

William Gruff said...

There is only one skin colour and it is skin colour. Some are light and some dark but all are skin coloured.

Racism is an intellectual offence which is rare, since few of those vilified as racists actually posses sufficient intellect to construct am arguable racist hypothesis.

To be aware of the threat to the future of one's own kind is not 'racist', however one uses the term.

Stan said...

It seems that I've failed to get my point across again. Yes, racism is an abstract construct - at the end of the day there is only one race; the human race -colour or ethnicity is irrelevant to membership of that race - but it is also a very effective slur because nobody wants to be thought of as a racist.

This abstract construct is a product of the left intended to defame anyone who opposes their policies of multiculturalism and immigration. By their definition a racist is any person who actively discriminates against a person or group of persons of a particular skin colour or permit a "right" to one group which they deny to another. That is the definition of racism as defined by the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem parties.

Now, by that definition I asked the question - are those parties racist? They clearly discriminate against whites - they permit the setting up of various groups for black, Asian and other groups, but refuse to accept that whites have the same right.

That is clearly - by their definition - racist. The BNP have used this to turn it on those parties and expose the blatant racism - by their own definition - that exists in those parties.

It's not just the political parties either. Look at this story in The Telegraph ...

Now, even if the guy was a member of the BNP what gives the church the right to turf him out on the street? That is clearly discrimination. What is more, had he been black this would not have happened - because he could not be a member of the BNP - therefore it is also racist. The cathedral staff were "concerned" that the man might sabotage a live broadcast - completely without foundation, but imagine if someone - a bus driver for example - refused to allow Moslems on his bus on the basis that Moslems have been known to self-detonate on buses and tube trains. If anyone did that they would be sacked - but kick someone out because you suspect him of being a member of the BNP (based on an absurd stereotype AND the colour of his skin) and that's OK?

I'll be honest - I read things like that and the constant attacks on the BNP and all it does is make me think that the BNP have a bloody good point.

And that is my point. If I think that then I can completely understand why thousands of other people are starting to think that too. Are they racist for doing so? No more racist than anybody who votes Tory, Labour or Lib Dem - the very parties who support and promote discrimination against whites.

Letters From A Tory said...

Stan, don't you understand - white people can be discriminated against, everyone else can't.

It's very simple, really!

Stan said...

lol - I do understand, ta very much LFAT.

The point is, so do the BNP - and the point they make is that if it OK for the main parties to be racist (encourage discrimination against white people) then it must be OK for them too. If those mainstream parties claim that they are not racist then the BNP can legitimately claim they aren't racist either.

The point I'm trying to make is that all those people - in newspaper columns, on blogs or on television - who keep saying the BNP are racist are, by making that claim, confirming their own racism - because they support the status quo which prevents whites from enjoying the same rights and privileges that blacks and Asians enjoy.

This is why I refuse to join in the condemnation of the BNP - it would be hypocritical to do so.