Saturday, June 20, 2009

A bit quiet

If you're wondering why I've not been posting much recently, it 's partly because of my new job - I'm having to travel a bit more to get to meet and know my new clients - but mostly it's because there isn't much going on that interests me at the moment.

The MP expenses row has been done to death. Labour and the Tories are indulging in silly, childish mudslinging about who is going to cut spending by how much while our economy goes to rack and ruin and all anybody can say about the issues that got the BNP elected is that the BNP are racist thugs. The level of political discourse in this country is depressingly low.

I can't get fired up by what's happening in Iran because I don't believe - as some do - that there is some grass roots rebellion going on that will overthrow the theocracy. To me the argument seems to revolve around a choice of a seriously barking mad Islamist nutter and slightly less barking mad Islamist nutter. Whatever happens, I'm pretty sure that Iran will remain in the control of barking mad Islamist nutters - so why get excited?

Hopefully there will be something going on soon that will motivate me to write something, but at the moment most of it just raises a "ho-hum" feeling. Of course, I still get angry about the many criminal injustices, government spending waste and political correctness that goes on, but other blogs cover that much better than me so I'll just make do with the odd comment on those sites.

For now, I'll just get on with clearing the garage.

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