Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cameron supporting violence?

I've managed to catch up a little bit with the events outside parliament yesterday when a group calling itself "Unite Against Fascism" disrupted a BNP press conference. Not only did they disrupt the BNP with an illegal protest, but they also used violence to do so - throwing eggs, kicking cars and hitting out with their placards.

I've listened to a couple of interviews with protesters who were there and they didn't seem to think the violence was unjustified and were entirely unconcerned about the suppression of free speech. Not only that, but it appears this group are supported by the Labour Party, the Tory Party and the Lib Dems and funded with taxpayers money!

The Labour Party have a long association with groups prepared to use violence to pursue their goals - they're called "trade unions" - but as far as I'm aware, this is something new for the Tory party. How can Cameron justify supporting a group who are prepared break the law and use violence to obtain their ends?

I would urge any Tory supporter out there to call on Cameron to disassociate himself and his party from this bunch of violent thugs.

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Chalcedon said...

UAF in denying the BNP free speech just tarts itself with the fascist brush. They are the fascists. they are certainly anti democratic. They are a fake charidee like Searchlight. Why the hell are my taxes being spent on organisations I abhor as enemies of freedom?