Monday, June 15, 2009

Who are the racist fascists?

The BNP on "The Big Questions"

I watched the BBC's "The Big Questions" yesterday morning where one of the big questions considered was something like "Does the BNP have the right to freedom of speech?".

First of all, I should say that the question itself is preposterous - of course the BNP have the same right to freedom of speech as anyone else. Anyone who says otherwise IS a fascist. The very fact that we are even asking the question is somewhat revealing about Britain today where we are restricted on what we can say on a significant number of issues under threat of dismissal from our employment and even arrest and imprisonment.

Nevertheless, somebody in the BBC thought it was a question worth asking so the BBC invited a couple of people on from the BNP to be the punchbag - sorry, to argue their case - one of whom was Andrew Brons, the newly elected BNP MEP for Yorkshire (or some fake region or other).

Now, I've seen a few interviews with BNP members - including Nick Griffin - but this is the first time I can recall seeing someone from the BNP actually being engaged in a debate of sorts. Over the last few years there has been a policy of "no platform" among the mainstream parties and press which, I think, seems to mean that they refused to share a stage with someone from the BNP and debate with them.

The idea behind that policy, I believe, was to deny the BNP the oxygen of publicity - unfortunately for the mainstream establishment, this has failed and the BNP have won significantly high profile seats which now means they have to be heard.

No problem, went the argument. Once we get to hear what they say they will be condemned from their own mouths. Well, maybe this will still turn out to be so, but - on the evidence of yesterday - it's not the BNP who are going to be exposed as nasty, vicious, fascist thugs.

Brons and his companion - a vicar whose name escapes me - were reasonable, polite and measured while the "celebrity" panel were the ones with spittle flying from their lips, ranting, finger pointing, shouting and name calling (the one exception being the black poet Benjamin Zephaniah who was also entirely reasonable and polite).

It was a similar thing among the audience with a proportion being reasonably polite and dignified while a significant sections only response was to call out names, shout and repeat easily refuted misinformation about BNP policies. On this evidence, the idea of beating the BNP with argument is going to fail as abysmally as the no platform policy.

Meanwhile in South Africa

Also yesterday, I read a report in Live magazine about South Africa which, as I've mentioned before, is rapidly heading the way of Zimbabwe. Over the last few years there have been some 3000 white farmers murdered - often in horrific ways involving extreme torture as well - in what are clearly racist motivated incidents. There have been very few prosecutions for these murders.

As a consequence of this rise in violence against the white minority there have been some 900,000 white people who have fled the country - some 20% of the population. The response of the South African government to this was for the Security Minister, Charles Ngacula, to say ....

"They can continue to whinge until they are blue in the face, be as negative as they want to, or they can simply leave the country."

The old "if they don't like it, they can go home" argument. The report mentions that numerous "reforms" are being implemented under the slogan "Africa for Africans" - while it is clear that white Africans don't count in that group.

In Britain we ban a Dutch politician from entering the country because he made a film that says some negative things about Islam while we frequently welcome and fawn over the convicted ANC terrorist Nelson Mandela - a man who has been filmed singing a song imploring his followers to "kill the whites". If some leftist fools get their way, this convicted terrorist and self-confirmed racist will be given a statue in the middle of Trafalgar Square.


bernard said...

'The Big Questions' debate can still be picked up on the BBC iPlayer and is well worth a look.
I think 'joe public' knows perfectly well what is a stake in this country, and the media's (esp the BBC)attempt to pull the wool over their eyes is just not going to work.
The term Ivory Tower, where most of the metropolitan elites live, is light years away from the reality of everyday life in working class Britain, and this is the prime reason why the Labour party is about to be abandoned by the electorate. It has little to do with expenses, (that was the perfect gift) and all to do with taking us for fools and knaves.
A change is gonna come.

barker12_uk said...

So let's vote the BNP into government. Hmm, great idea. The majority of people who believe in the BNP's racist policies are racist scum, let me just point something out, WE, the British back in our proud past fought racist scum all over Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and now we the British are wanting to vote for racists, oh dear, something really is wrong with the British public. I know several people who voted for the BNP, they are racist, nasty, violent, they have a history of beating women, being arrested for violent attacks and are basically moronic thugs, yes, let's agree with scum and vote for the BNP.
The BNP seems hypocritical, out of Europe it proudly proclaims, then campaigns for its members to be voted into Europe, but don't they want nothing to do with Europe? Hmm, makes sense. Europe provides the UK with its energy needs, no Europe no energy. Most of our food produce is imported from abroad, from countries with a predominately non-white populace, totally against BNP sensibilities, hmm. The BNP claim we white Brits will be a minority in Britain, 50 million British people are white British, that's a lot of white people not having sex from now into the future, hmm. It seems to me there aint much logic or intelligence invested in the BNP's policies, in their stupid irrational opinions. In fact I have heard it said the BNP are Nazi's, dear lord, NO! Didn't we the British fight a long hard terrible war against Nazi scum? I am sure I can remember my grandfather proudly telling me he used to kill Nazi's. Isn't Winston Churchill used in BNP poster campaigns to make us feel proud to be British, to vote BNP, but didn't Churchill surely hate Nazi's? Start a war against them? Kick their asses all over Europe? I am sure I am not mistaken. Wouldn't Churchill find the BNP abhorrent, consider them traitors and demand for them to be executed? I hope he would, I know my grandfather, who killed Nazi's, certainly would. But I guess the older generation, past generations knew how to deal with Nazi's. We the modern British certainly don't.

Stan said...

"So let's vote the BNP into government. Hmm, great idea."

What on earth makes you think they'd win an election?

"The majority of people who believe in the BNP's racist policies are racist scum"

So, because you seem to think that the BNP COULD win a general election then you must think the majority of British people are racist scum. Personally, I have more faith in the British public than you.

"The BNP seems hypocritical, out of Europe it proudly proclaims, then campaigns for its members to be voted into Europe"

That isn't hypocrisy - that is politics. WHy should the BNP not be permitted to partake in the political process?

"In fact I have heard it said the BNP are Nazi's, dear lord"

And where have you heard that from? I've heard the Tory party are Nazis, the Labour party are commies and the Lib Dems are a suicide cult - does that make what I hear fact? The truth is that each political party is defined by what it does rather than what it says and the only fascism we are really seeing in this country is coming from the mainstream parties and those who seek to deny the BNP the right to free speech and their members the same right as you or I.

"Wouldn't Churchill find the BNP abhorrent, consider them traitors and demand for them to be executed?"

It's quite likely that Churchill would find all the current political parties "abhorrent" and their leaders "traitors" - though I don't think he'd call for their execution.

"I hope he would"

So you think that BNP supporters should be executed for being BNP supporters - and you say THEY are the fascists!?!?!?