Thursday, July 23, 2009

Defining moments in our lives

I mentioned yesterday that we had some family news, but what I didn't say was that the news was bad. It was only much later in the day when we found out just how bad the news was, however. I'm not going to go into detail - no one has died - but a family has been left devastated by a criminal act.

What I will say is this. There are things happening in this country which the authorities, including the police and with the collusion of the media are making sure we are not being informed about. They are doing this for political reasons and they are doing it to disguise the fact that this country has descended into a feral cesspool of vile, immoral criminality as a direct result of the policies pursued by this and previous governments over the last forty years or more.

More and more of us are now discovering the truth about just how bad things are - but only because something has happened to someone we care about.

This is not good.


JuliaM said...

Oh, dear! I hope, whatever it was, your family recovers from it.

Stan said...

Thank you, Julia - it was my extended family that was actually directly affected rather than my own family. I also hope that they can recover, but with the particularly cruel and vile nature of the crime, recovery is not going to be either easy or quick.

North Northwester said...

My sympathy to you and yours. Anything intentional that intrudes on a happy life,peoples' health and peace of mind is an invasion, and this one sounds especially hurtful.

Being on the right side of what to do about something is little comfort at these times, but remember that there are goodness and strength in our species and our country as well as dirt and destruction.

Good luck to them and you.

Stan said...

Thanks, NNW.

You're right - there is goodness in our country, but it is becoming increasingly rare in this very sick country. The comfort I draw from my faith is tempered by the knowledge that nobody of power and influence in this country has a clue about how to solve these problems and would rather sweep them under the carpet.

They get away with this because - for most of us - we only have to deal with low level unpleasantness and inconvenice not the truly vile sort of crime which a relative of mine has so recently been subjected to.

Nothing will ever get better - only worse. The nation will either descend into a totalitarian state or a hedonistic cess pool of anarchy - but it will never ever recover.

This country is finished.

staybryte said...

Can't offer comfort, only prayer. Best wishes.

Stan said...

Thankyou, staybryte.

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly sad to read about this, and I hope and pray that those affected will recover, in time.

Noting your despairing comments about the state of the country (this must have knocked you for six), and also having just read one of your posts further down the page (where you say you are a Christian, and that restoring Christianity back into society is the best way forward for the country), I would say please don't despair. Never say 'never'. Evil sometimes seems to hold sway, but goodness, truth and love will always conquer in the long run.

Stan said...

Thanks for your kind words, Anon. If anything, this incident has reaffirmed my faith - especially my belief that the restoration of Christianity morlaity would improve things considerably. However, I have no reason to think this is either likely or possible. We live in a country where the powers that be would rather hush up crimes and are more interested in protecting evil doers than they are in upholding the law or protecting the innocent. And let me make it quite clear that the "powers that be" include the police and the media. Whenever something happens that calls into doubt their confirmed beliefs in multiculturalism (and other left wing favourites) they go to great lengths to hide the truth from the public. Nothing will change this short of a revolution and that is something that I just can not envisage happening here.

Anonymous said...


Truly sorry to hear about your family.

The anti-God agenda of the last 4 decades is rapidly bearing fruit - we will reap what we have sown.

We are living 2Ti 3.