Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Far from the maddening crowd

I'm back from my hols, but still in holiday mood - so not feeling much like blogging about anything much in particular.

The weather in East Anglia was ..... mixed. The first week wasn't too good but last week was cracking - and I have the sun tan to prove it! Regardless of the weather it was just great to get away from the rush and turmoil of the South East. Where I live in Slough is never quiet - the roar of the aeroplanes on the Heathrow approach, mainline trains rushing to and from Paddington station and the constant drone of M4 traffic interspersed with the sound of police sirens means that the sounds of nature are never heard unaccompanied.

By comparison the area I was in has no motorways - and yet the journey there and back was devoid of holdups and was a total joy - until we hit the M25 on the way home! The only aeroplanes I heard all fortnight were light aircraft and the occasional coast guard chopper and I can honestly say that I did not hear a single siren - police or otherwise - for two whole weeks.

On top of all that the people were incredibly friendly and utterly unpretentious - sometimes I forget just how pretentious we are in the South East so when you come across honest, decent folk like the East Anglians it comes as something as a surprise.

In all honesty, I didn't want to come back. That's not unusual after a holiday, I know - but usually it is the stunning beauty of the Cornish or Devon scenery that charms me rather than the people and the general "feel" of a place, but that wasn't the case with East Anglia. The scenery is pleasant rather than stunning - although the frequent site of an English church spire rising above the trees to denote the presence of a quintessential English village is enough to lift the soul of any true Englishman - but lacks the rugged beauty of the South West.

Nevertheless, I'm charmed by the place and hope to return soon - permanently.


JuliaM said...

Welcome back!

"In all honesty, I didn't want to come back."

That's the sign of a very good holiday inded...

William Gruff said...

Sometimes I wonder about you Stan.

Stan said...

Thanks, Julia.

LOL, WG - sometimes I wonder about myself!

bernard said...

From Lowestoft to Slough - that must have been some culture shock!!