Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Only a fool makes the same mistake twice .....

..... so our politicians must be complete imbeciles!

A Conservative Government would be prepared to increase Britain’s financial contributions to the European Union in exchange for reforms to European farm subsidies.

Which is exactly what the Labour government did - and the result? Huge increases in our EU contributions for bugger all reform.

Critics including the Conservatives have attacked Labour over a 2005 deal to cut the British rebate in exchange for changes to the Common Agricultural Policy system of farm subsidies.

There has since been little change in the CAP, but Britain’s EU membership fee is rising nonetheless.

Ever since we joined the "Common Market" various politicians of various governments or governments-in-waiting have promised to "reform" the EU - and got well and truly shafted by that organisation. Even Maggie Thatcher, hardly the most gullible or naive of our politicians, had her fingers very badly burned playing with that particular hot potato.

And yet, they still keep deluding themselves that they can reform the EU! How stupid are they? Does anyone really believe that the boy Dave is going to sweep in to power and change an organisation which has rolled relentlessly along the same path - and over far more able politicians than Cameron - for more than 50 years.


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