Monday, September 07, 2009

Define "bad parent"

The head of Barnardo's may have stirred up some controversy amongst the progressive liberals with his view that children of bad parents should be taken away and offered for adoption as quickly as possible, but it's a view that I tend to agree with - with some concerns.

You see, the problem is how you define a "bad parent". For me - and probably most people who read this blog - it's quite a simple thing. A bad parent is one who tends to indulge in feckless and risky behaviour - serial partners, drug taking , excessive alcohol consumption and so on.

But our social services are not full of people like me or those who read this blog - they are stuffed to the brim with Guardian reading liberal lefties who have a very different idea of what constitutes bad parenting than you or I.

To them, a bad parent is someone whose kid might be 5lbs "overweight". Their child may be very happy, well dressed, regularly doing well at school and developing perfectly normally in every other way - but to the liberal left an "overweight" child is a sign of abuse and "bad parenting".

To the progressive fools who inhabit our social services offices a bad parent is someone who prefers to school their kids themselves at home rather than entrust them to one of the many appallingly bad state comprehensives and primaries where discipline does not exist and bullying and intimidation is rife.

This is the difficulty we have and will always have as long as our social services remains in the hands of the liberal left - and this is why, before we do anything else, we need to change this. We need our institutions - such as social services, the police, criminal justice system, education services and so on to be more conservative as they once were.

As long as they remain under the control of the liberal left there isn't a hope in hell that we can begin to address the problems we have - and as long as we have a government that subscribes to the progressive orthodoxy then nothing will change.

The current Tory party isn't going to do it.


The Machinist's Wife said...

Stan, this is so true. Just the other day, I was bemoaning the failure of Barnardos, - especially when we were fostering three boys. It was a dark period of time, - thanks to the socialistic, feministic left.
I'm enjoying your ranting!

North Northwester said...

The long march for the isntitutions is going to be just that - long.

However, there seems to be shortage of doctors in the disease-riddled halls of the NHS as well as in the States who will perform abortions.
I know you get down about the socialist inertia in the state sector sometimes [ I know that I do], but some we win eventually.

And to blow my own trumpet, I notice that President Obama's green jobs czar quit yesterday.

This may be the rbit a bout 'growing confidence and strenght in th eair...'

Stan said...

Thank you, Mrs Machinist - I'm glad you like it. Sorry to hear about the trouble you had with the fostering.

It probably will be a long march for the institutions, NNW - but it is quite necessary. It doesn't have to be as long, though, as the original take over of them by the left .... if the government was radical and determined enough it could be achieved relatively quickly. Maybe a decade rather than fifty years.

I wouldn't say I get "down" about the socialist - or rather, cultural marxist (there is a difference as many old socialists remain social conservatives) - inertia in the state sector. It's more of a frustration that we accept it as an inevitability when there really is no need to do so. Long before we had cultural marxism we had a state sector which was conservative and functioned far more efficiently than the current bloated liberal mess does.

And sorry to chuck a fly in your ointment, but I see no signs across the Atlantic of a resurgence of the Republican Party despite how badly Obama is doing in all things. The Reps are leaderless, directionless and drifting towards the liberal la la land in the same way the Tory Party did in the 1990's (even though they were the government for most of the time!). At the moment, the Obama administration can be an absolute train wreck of a government and still hold off the Reps - worse still, come the next election, the Reps could just be a lighter version of the Democrats in the same way that the Tory Party is just Labour with blue ties and posh accents.

JuliaM said...

"But our social services are not full of people like me or those who read this blog - they are stuffed to the brim with Guardian reading liberal lefties who have a very different idea of what constitutes bad parenting than you or I."

Agreed. And that's why I watched with mounting dread as so many people fell upon this announcement with glee, and declared it the answer to all our problems...


Letters From A Tory said...

How ironic that the Government can harrass parents about their children carrying a few pounds, but let the Doncaster boys descend into violence and let Baby P get murdered without doing anything about it.