Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What did they expect?

The government - along with a number of their own agencies - appear to be a little concerned about the rise of "far right" groups such as the "English Defence League" who have recently staged a number of high profile and often violent demonstrations against what they see as the increasing islamification of Britain.

But surely the government - and their agencies - must recognise that this is an inevitable consequence of their policies towards such things as immigration and multiculturalism? I say they "must" recognise this as it can only be the very stupid or the exceedingly naive who would think that any nation could absorb such a massive influx of foreigners into their lands and then be expected to change their ways to accommodate those foreigners who are not required to change their ways one bit!

Over the last few years there have been numerous Moslem led demonstrations which were provocative and confrontational - but concerns about these have been waved away by the establishment as the "right to protest". However, as soon as a bunch of white people start doing the same the establishment decides to crack down on them. The protests by these groups would most likely have not become violent if opposing groups had not deliberately sought confrontation with them. We've already seen how supposedly "anti-fascist" groups resort to violence and fascist tactics to close down the rights of elected BNP members to have their say - now they are doing the same to another group.

Do they really expect them to just roll over and give up?

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