Friday, October 30, 2009

Campaign or coronation?

The prospect of a President Blair has reared its ugly head again over the last couple of weeks. As the EU Constitution edges ever closer to taking full effect (many parts of it have already been introduced) the talk has moved from if to when.

Cue various politicians and political commentators telling us why we should or shouldn't accept Blair as EU President - as if we have any say in this whatsoever!

The reality is that we have no choice in this matter. Blair may or may not be appointed EU President regardless of what we or anybody else in Europe think or want. There is no election for this post - just a simple coronation followed by a huge salary and entourage for the new President.

And don't fool for all this garbage that we're hearing from the geeky Milliband or grumpy Brown about Blair being there to represent British interests. The post of EU President requires that person not to represent the interests of any particular nation. What he will do is represent the politics of his preferred ideology - socialism - and with the vast majority of the EU in the thrall of socialist doctrine there is no doubt that the appointment of Blair (or any other candidate) will not be in the interests of Britain.

This isn't an election. This is the coronation of the new socialist Emperor of Europe.

All hail Anthony Blair - the new Charlemagne.

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