Thursday, October 22, 2009

The rise of fascism

As BNP leader Nick Griffin prepares to appear on BBC Question Time this evening I thought it would be appropriate to explore the phenomenal rise of fascism in Britain today.

And what better place to start than with the revelation that the Tory Party are to ban men from being candidates for election in certain constituencies. This was an arbitrary decision taken by a small elite of the Tory Party without consultation or vote by the ordinary members. How fascist is that? Fascism is alive and well and thriving in the Tory Party.

This is nothing new or unique to the Tory Party either. The former London mayor, Ken Livingstone, was prone to rejecting duly appointed personnel purely on the basis of their gender or their colour - those personnel being too white and too male for Red Ken to bear. Fascism is alive and well and thriving in London.

Meanwhile, the Labour deputy leader pledges to end "the nightmare of men only boards" suggesting that she will use the power of government to interfere in private industry purely to promote a specific gender group at the expense of the other gender group. Fascism is alive and well and thriving in the Labour Party.

It's not only in politics where we see fascism is thriving. Environmentalists are trying to close down power stations, thus depriving millions of essential energy at a time when they need it most, purely on the basis of their misguided beliefs. They have no mandate to do so - just their belief that they alone are right - and they have demonstrated that they are prepared to use violence and destruction to achieve their aims. The parallels with Nazi brown shirts are all too obvious. Fascism is alive and well and thriving in the environmental movement.

Then we have the police - once a respected and independent crime prevention organisation, but now nothing more than government enforcers. They arrest and imprison people purely on the basis that they hold views which the government object to or have said something which the government has decreed you are not allowed to say. How fascist is that? Fascism is alive and well and thriving in the police "service".

Fascism is alive and well and thriving every where you look in Britain today. The main political parties are as fascist as anything we have ever seen in this country come to power. And we worry about some minor party leader coming on to a TV programme once in a blue moon? The time to worry about fascism in this country is when the government of this country dictate who you can vote for and who you can listen to. Unfortunately, I don't think that time is far away now.


Anonymous said...

And lets not forget 'Unite Against Fascism', the left-wing brownshirts.

bernard said...

Well put Stan. And written with some passion I think.

Larry said...

Fantastically written piece, Stan. You've nailed it again. I've just had a blazing row with my Stepdad about this whole BNP affair, and I tried to tell him what you've just said. He wasn't having it though. I guess the media can indoctrinate sixty-somethings just as well as kids.

Stan said...

UAF is a very creepy development considering its origins. Thanks for the positive comments, bernard and Larry. To be honest, bernard - not so much passion as more a resignation. Are the BNP fascist? Well they may be, but as they are a tiny party with no hope of ever forming a government I don't see why I should worry about them. What worries me is that we have three political parties who do hold political power which ARE demonstrably fascist and yet the media and most of the country ignore this. As a nation we are sleep walking into a single party state dictatorship and few people seem to realise this is happening. At the same time, those parties are dismantling our historic checks and balances of our constituion which will allow them to complete this slow motion coup d'etat and nobody is bothered!

Larry - I don't know what your row with your stepdad was about, but I wouldn't bother if I were you. As a sixty something today your stepdad would have been a twenty something in the 60's and is thus part of my generation - the generation that have screwed things up so considerably. There aren't that many of us from that generation who are prepared to admit we were wrong.

Frank Davis said...

Well said.

Frank Davis said...

There aren't that many of us from that generation who are prepared to admit we were wrong.

I'm one of that generation, and I for one am sick of the lot of them

ivan said...

I was growing up in the 50s and I think my parents generation were the last with any idea of values.

There are a few of us Stan that are appalled with the way the country is going but unfortunately not enough to make much difference, but we keep irying.

Anonymous said...

And, apparently, they've just given Police machine guns.