Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A fatal flaw

Can someone explain to me why we have men risking their lives trying to defuse IEDs in Afghanistan?

I mean, surely the safest thing to do - once an IED is discovered - is to get everyone safely away and blow the damn thing up from as far away as possible?

I could understand why they would try and defuse an unexploded bomb in a London street - but in a dump like Afghanistan I really don't see the point. You find the things, you evacuate everyone, you blow the sodding thing up then you get the locals to fill in the hole. Job done - move on.


Sue said...

They should use captured taleban soldiers to test the path first!

bernard said...

Alternatively the army could adopt the tactic in that crass 1968 film 'Anzio' where Robert Mitchum threw 50lb rocks ahead of him to clear the way through a mine field, and put his hands over his ears and ducked as they went off.
But that was 65 years ago, and we have to think of "noise pollution" these days you know...........

Von Spreuth. said...

Hey. The prisons are full. What else do you do with prisoners?

Two birds with one stone, so to speak.