Friday, December 04, 2009

The curious case of Climategate and auto-suggest

Harold Ambler on Talking About The Weather has discovered something curious about the Climategate scandal and goings on at Google. He noticed that when the row first broke, the Google auto suggest feature would kindly fill in the word climategate as soon as you typed the first few letters into the search box.

This no longer happens. Indeed, as you can see from the images below, even if you type the whole phrase in you get no hints - instead getting something about "climate guatemala" (which doesn't even match the letter sequence!) - and yet the query yields 30,000,000 hits.

As Ambler points out, this curious anomaly only appears to afflict the phrase "climategate". Ambler has been in contact with Google who have assured him that there has been no policy decision to suppress the scandal - I'm not convinced.

Indeed, following on from the leaked CRU emails, this adds even more fuel to the Anthropogenic Global Warming conspiracy theory which is unfolding before our eyes. We can now see that the conspiracy does not just include various politicised scientists and environmental groups, but major media organisations as well - and not just the BBC either!

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JuliaM said...

The watermelons have chosen to fight back and maintain the lies any way they can, rather than hold their hands up.

Much good it'll do them...