Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The descent into madness

As a self confessed "paedo whore" nursery worker is jailed for just seven years after sexually abusing children in her care for pleasure, a father who defended his family and home from violent armed attack is sentenced to prison while his attacker is let free and the Ministry of Defence decides to cut Britain's air defence so as to purchase 22 new helicopters which may - just may - be ready in time to help pull our troops out of Afghanistan rather than do any good while they are still fighting there our leader is in Copenhagen pledging to give billions of pounds of British taxpayers money to foreign countries to "solve" a non-existent problem based on an unsubstantiated premise that the world is going to fry as a result of what man does.

Yes - the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.


Richard said...

Should people be given complete carte-blanche to employ whatever methods they choose to defend their own homes from robbers? Or should the law retain the requirement of 'reasonableness'?

Did Mr. Hussein overstep the mark of reasonableness? It seems that the attack on the robber was somewhat prolonged. Then again, Mr. Hussein didn't ask to be robbed; it was the robbers who had the choice in the first place.

To be honest, I think that he did overstep the mark of reasonableness.

But then again, I've heard tales of vitims of burglary restraining the burglar until the police arrive and getting arrested for assault on the burglar. If you're going to get 'done' for using reasonable force, then what's the disincentive to using the unreasonable force that Mr. Hussein used?

Stan said...

It's a tough one, but I think it depends considerably on what those people attacking you do. In Mr Hussein's case he and his family were tied up and threatened with knives and death.

In that context, I think his response was entirely reasonable.

bernard said...

It's a bit of a conundrum this one.
If Mr Hussein had possibly inflicted the head damage to his assailant by using his fists only, this story might have had a different slant.
But by using a cricket bat it was seen as somehow...unsportsmanlike.

Anonymous said...

What seems to be constantly overlooked is that the piece of shit who attacked Mr Hussain and his family had 40-odd previous convictions.

Had it been my house Salem broke into, he wouldn't be needing a surgeon, he'd need a pathologist.

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