Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's official - breathing is bad for your health

That's according to the US Environmental Protection Agency after they formally declared that "greenhouse" gases endanger health. The principal gas they are concerned about, of course, is CO2 which you and I exhale every time we take a breath - so we're killing ourselves by breathing according to this ridiculous ruling.

It's also worth pointing out that by far the most prevalent greenhouse gas is water vapour. So, according to the barking mad people who make these decisions, water is a dangerous substance.

It just demonstrates how ridiculous this whole thing has become when the product of our breathing and the essential elements of life on earth are declared harmful to public health - but what would you expect when the people who perpetuate this myth are allowed to blatantly lie on TV and in our media without so much as a challenge?

Only this morning on BBC Breakfast, Sir David King - the government's chief propaganda - sorry scientific - advisor declared that they "know" man's activities are responsible for the warming we saw in the 20th century.

They know no such thing - it is supposition based on flawed computer models which have been proven to be incapable of predicting the climate even a year or two in advance let alone 100 years from now. And yet he is allowed to state this as a fact when it is nothing of the sort.

Well, he might as well make the most of it while he can. One day - not that far off in my opinion - the fallacy of the AGW argument is going to be exposed for what it is. And when that happens, the people who have sought to pull the wool over our eyes will have to face some very difficult questions - to say the least.


Anonymous said...


I hope you're right.

With the structures of government up to their necks in this, and the leftist green brigade holding onto the media i think they'll continue with the lie - pushing through cirppling economic policies and taxing us to destruction.

What I haven't be able to decide is whether it is pride that continues to propel them (we can't look like idiots for believing this stuff) or our leaders are complicit in a conspiracy to defraud people living in the wealthier countries of both their wealth and their freedom.

I'm settling on the latter..

Anonymous said...

Sorry above comment from ~Fatbob~

Letters From A Tory said...

Unfortunately, the Blairite mantra of 'if we say it enough times then people believe it to be true' is still alive and well in the climate change lobby.

Stan said...

Fatbob - it's the latter.

I don't know whether global warming will continue - or rather, restart - but I'm convinced that anything man does will have no bearing on what happens to our climate in the next 100 years.

From what I have seen of the evidence suggesting that natural forces are indeed responsible for the vast majority of warming that has taken place since the end of the LIA the probablity is that we are due for a prolonged spell of cooler climate - and possibly even something on a par with the LIA or worse.

If this does happen - at a time when CO2 levels continue to rise - then there will be no hiding place for the people who supported the anthropogenic global warming myth.

It will not be enough for them to say "sorry, we got it wrong" - people will not accept that - nor will they be able to claim that it is thanks to their efforts that catastrophic warming has been avoided if CO2 is continuing to rise - as it will.

The fallout from this will be disastrous for the political left and even worse for science. It is a sad reality that the actions of a very few politicised scientists will mean that the whole profession will be tarred with the same brush, but that is what will happen. Science will suffer an enormous setback once this is finally exposed as a sham - which I am convinced it will be within 10-20 years.

When the Thames is freezing other in January and hundreds of thousands are dying every winter due bitter cold and a lack of reliable energy there will be serious recriminations. I would not want to be one of those who tried to sell us this myth when that time comes.

Anonymous said...

This AGW nonsense really has me tearing out what little of my hair I have left. I equate it to Scientology, i'e a load of tosh designed to part the gullible from their worldly wealth.

CO2 makes up just 4 parts per million of the air in the atmosphere. Let me type that again, CO2 makes up just 4 parts per million of the air that is around us. Four!!! And these morons try and tell us that CO2 is ssuch a powerful gas it can change the planet's climate. The gas we produce during respiration and exhale is supposedly more powerful than the sun's radiation.

At the risk of invoking Godwin's Law, I have always wondered how the German people were coerced into thinking that Hitler was a top bloke and worth going to war with the rest of Europe on his say so for. Now I see it...seemingly rational and intelligent human beings can and will believe any old bullshit as long as you include a doomsday scenario in the story.

Dave H said...

Mr Crun, technical point: I think you'll find it's more like 380 ppm.

Anonymous said...

Dave H - I stand corrected.

Even so, at that low level of concentration there's no way that CO2 can be the single biggest cause of global warming.