Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ranting Stan's Irrational Hatred Of The Week: Jeans

I'm pretty sure this will not be a universally popular choice, but I don't care. I hate jeans.

I'm told that they have become so popular because these days it's all about comfort - but surely I can not be the only person who finds jeans the most uncomfortable choice to wrap your nether regions in? We're talking about a garment that started its life as cheap, hard wearing items for working men. They are stiff, have uncompromising seams that dig into you in the most awkward places and are held together by metal rivets! In what way is that comfortable?

I do own two pairs of jeans which Mrs Stan has bought for me, but I rarely wear them. I hate them.


Blognor Regis said...

Action slacks!

opsimath said...


TheFatBigot said...

Two in a row, Mr Stan, I couldn't agree with you more.

I haven't owned any jeans for almost 30 years. Moleskins, cords, chinos, cavalry twills; all neat and dignified while also being comfortable on the skin. If push came to shove I would even be prepared to bear the mark of shame on my hip and wear Farah slacks. Anything except overpriced sacking.

Today it happens to be a nice pair of cords made by Andrew the tailor in Green Lanes. It must be seven or eight years since he made them and they have at least the same to go, which at £70 makes them pretty good value in my eyes.