Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why can't we cope any more?

It really is ridiculous that a little bit of snow can bring this country to a grinding halt. The other day I criticised the spirit of people who give up at the slightest suggestion that things may be a little difficult, but that was a little unfair. What is apparent is that, despite the adverse weather, most people are doing their damnedest to get to and from work. Unfortunately, they are having to do so without the option of public transport.

This is the real problem; not the spirit of the people, but the attitude of public services - particularly those who run public services. I expect half the problem is the fear of litigation. It doesn't seem that long ago to me that we used to laugh at the way they used to sue at the drop of a hat in the USA - now we're even worse here.

It took me almost five hours to drive home yesterday evening. All the roads were icy as hell and not one of them had been gritted - but I've driven in far worse conditions and never experienced anything like that amount of gridlock before. I can remember driving my old Riley Elf in worse and even riding a motorbike in more difficult conditions. I wasn't one of those fair weather bikers - my bike used to be my main form of transport and I can perfectly recall those days when I'd climb off frozen stiff by half an inch of snow and ice caked to my front!

But I always got to where I was going. Maybe it's the cars? Cars today are more powerful and loaded with driver aids that, although they make cars easier to drive, tend to disconnect the driver from the road - particularly power steering.

I don't know, but I do know that other countries cope OK in far worse conditions. It's actually rather embarrassing that Britain struggles so at these times and I really don't understand why.

Perhaps it's just symptomatic of the way our country is run?


JuliaM said...

A lot of people have commented that of course other countries cope better with it, it's normal for them, and so they are geared up to expect it and have to be able to cope.

Which seems to imply that they think, when faced with a possibility of adversity once a year, the Brits should save money for the rest of the year by accepting it will be chaos and giving up.

And this is the nation that conquered half the globe?

"Cars today are more powerful and loaded with driver aids that, although they make cars easier to drive, tend to disconnect the driver from the road - particularly power steering."

4x4's came into their own, though, didn't they? Well, as long as they were real 4x4's, and not 'street SUVs' with skinny low-profile tyres.

Letters From A Tory said...

I didn't enjoy getting home last night either, and I've only got a 10-minute walk!

Larry said...

I spun my car last night on a B road, near where I live. Admittedly it was down to naivety/stupidity on my part for venturing out (I didn't realise just how bad the roads were). However, the roads had not been salted. I honestly don't know where the taxes go, because it isn't on the roads.

Luckily I was only doing 30mph at the time so the car and I are unharmed.

Blognor Regis said...

Do other countries cope better though? http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,668320,00.html

Also, personally I don't understand the point of a Ray Mears style commute. You've got to get home yes, but what's the point of most people setting off to work in Iditarod conditions? It's masochistic.

von Spreuth. said...

Hold on. Look at it from another perspective.

Incapability Brown has just said he will give BILLIONS to no mark countries, to fight "global warming". His "Government" have added tax after tax after damn tax, to "fight global warming".

Now how does it reflect on HIM, if local councils, who after all, are only his "informers and work elves on the ground" prepare for WINTER, complete with grit and snow ploughs, and the Met Office tell us we are all going to freeze, when Big Brother in chief is trying to convince us we are all going to fry to death in two months time because Copenhagen failed?

bernard said...

Yes I like that one Von Strewth.

But it could be even worse: Brown could encourage more immigration on the grounds that because Copenhagen failed, we therefor have a duty to take in more people from africa as compensation.
Is there no end to this man's ingenuity?

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